Glantop%C2%AE Magnetic Sculpture Intelligence Development

Listed Price: $29.99
Sale Price: $9.99

Please kindly notice the balls are not magnet but the base is. Magnetism can be delivered through metal. Set of stainless steel balls of different sizes and a magnetic base. Creative desk toys for you… Read more…

PowerTRC® Newtons Cradle Balance Balls 7 1/4″ – Black Wooden Base

This classic desktop display piece has become a must have for office decor. Swing one steel marble back, let it go, and watch as kinetic energy causes the one on the opposite side to swing the same …


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Westminster Magnetic Sculpture Dolphins

We seek out everything innovative in toys and gifts, applying our own creativity to wow you every time. We listen closely to our customers, strategically building upon our successes to broaden your ra…


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Table Top Bowling – Office Toys for Adults on Desk for Intelligence Development and Stress Relief.

Table Top Bowling – Office Toys for Adults on Desk for Intelligence Development and Stress Relief….


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Newtons Cradle Balance Balls Physics Pendulum Science Desk Office Classic Toy

The Newtons Cradle Balance Ball Toy is a fun demonstration of physics in action. Using the laws of physics, The Newtons cradle five magnetic balance balls each have an effect on how the very last one …


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Kikkerland Magnetic Decision Maker

Product FeaturesMade of Plastic and MetalMeasures approx. 9.4″ H x 4″ in diameterClassic design with a large swirl of the decision pad “What should I do?” That is the question that most of us ask when…


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Toysmith Newton’s Cradle Physics

Teach children about the wonders of physics with the Toysmith Newton’s Cradle. The Newton’s Cradle teaches principles of physics in a fun, hands-on way. Pull back the polished steel ball on one end an…


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Westminster Magnetic Sand Timer

This desktop toy is a classic glass sand timer with a magnetic twist by using iron filaments and a base with a magnet for a mesmerizing effect. This is a great novelty item for your office and will at…


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Magnetic Sculptures Acrobats Showpiece

Celebrate teamwork with the Magnetic Art Acrobat Teamwork desk toy. The human-shaped pieces can be manipulated into a variety of designs all of which depend upon their interconnection. Playing with ma…


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